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Top 3 Cool Used Stuff Shops in Rockbridge County

COVID-19 Note: Please note, as with everything right now, who is open, who is not, and hours of operation are always changing. We have done our best to verify this information for you but it never hurts to follow-up on us if you are interested in stopping by some of these shops. As of May 29, 2020, pursuant to Executive Order 63 facial coverings are required inside all brick and mortar establishments.

Now on to shopping…

If you’re new to the world of antiquing, it can be daunting. Are we talking dusting off Aunt Millie’s fine china, or rifling through bins of junk? Well, both. I am not a professional picker, an antiquing enthusiast, or an antique snob. I am just a person who gets fed up with all the homogenized sameness I find at the big box stores, which is not to say I don’t have plenty of mass-produced products. But there are just certain items that I know I can get for a better price and better quality if I just hunt around a little. And that is why I enjoy popping into antique shops.

You just never know what you are going to find, or what you will be able to repurpose. So, whether you are looking for a coffee table, or just that cool something to add to your bookcase, why not check out some of my recommendations below.

Country store front with white screen door and hand made vertical sign with turquoise lettering 3 Seasons

3 Seasons Antiques & Unique Treasures. MAP I love this shop. This is my go-to place for a lot of the “extras” in our Lodge. Items range from classic Aunt Millie’s fine china and lace to small furniture, vintage bottles, board games, and books, furniture her husband has refurbished to a few local products like honey and soap. I could go on and on. Melinda seamlessly blends her pieces in displays that seem to change weekly, if not daily. But don’t be intimidated, the pink bike out front should tell you she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Melinda is knowledgeable and passionate about the items she sells, but at the end of the day, she wants her wares to go to a good home. You should definitely stop by her shop. Prices are very reasonable and the door greater can’t be beaten. (If you’d like to know more about 3 Seasons Antiques, I’d encourage you to read this blog article.)

Bonus:  This is just one of many unique stops along the North Rockbridge Trail.  You can easily spend the day exploring unique shops and stops in our neck of the woods.

A gargoyle in a small fishing boat with American flag in the top of an embankment with a sign Duke's Antiques Open

Duke’s Antiques. MAP Not for the faint of heart, but definitely worth a stop, especially if you are looking for the unique. When you pull up, you’ll be greeted by cement gargoyles and lions (for sale) and a few large agricultural items (also for sale). Once inside the 20,000+ sq ft warehouse, the layout is set up like any other antique mall with various vendors and booths. But unlike other antique malls, there are touches of whimsy, so don’t forget to look up. Sharks fly, the Red Baron lives, and taxidermy gets its own wall. Also, if you are in the market for a revolving door, Duke’s is your place.

For the most part, prices are reasonable, but they are set by individual vendors, so be sure to look at the tags and look for any promotional signs in the booth.

Bonus: Duke’s is a larger shop, so plan a visit when you aren’t pressed for time. And when you are finished you can always swing around the corner, literally, to Devil’s Backbone Brewing Outpost to refresh.

Red geraniums growing in an turquoise watering can and daisies growing in black rain boots

Used to New: Recycled Treasures. MAP This shop is the furthest from us located in Buena Visita, which is southeast. (It’s a beautiful drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, if you’re headed that way.) New to Used is a different shop all together, but definitely worth mentioning in this round-up. This shop is a 24,000 sq ft building with 3 salvage yards. Items are grouped by material and sold by weight. Items range from brass and pewter figurines to a large display of Ball jars to car parts and traffic signs, and that’s just in the front store. Off to the side, a spacious warehouse – or is this a salvage yard – accessible through the store is filled with large pieces of metal. I’m talking old patio furniture, industrial pieces, agriculture pieces, and yes, more car parts. For the most part, these items are meant to be repurposed and will require effort on your part to clean up or create your masterpiece. But if you are looking for raw material, this is a great start. Ever see that “upcycled” piece of garden art on Pinterest and think, “I could do that if I only knew where to find an old metal headboard.” Used to New is your place for reclaimed treasures.

So that’s my round-up for Rockbridge County.  Three shops.  All unique.  All worth a peak.

If you are well versed in the art of antiquing and picking or want to further your education, then here are some of the other antique malls just outside of Rockbridge County that you might want to pop into.

Stuarts Draft Antique Mall
3304 Stuarts Draft Hwy
Waynesboro, Virginia 22980
Open Daily

Factory Antique Mall
50 Lodge Lane, Suite 106
Verona, Virginia 24482
Open Daily

Or plan your own trail with the help of Virginia’s Antiquing Map.

As-Seen-On-TV Note: If you are obsessed with Black Dog Salvage, we are only about an hour away from Roanoke. Just saying.


Well, I hope this helps with your planning.  If you need a place to lay your head while you explore the wonderful world of antiques, we’re here for you.

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Until next time, we’re looking forward to your stay!  #staysafestaysmallstayinn

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