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A roaring fire in a stone fireplace with a dark green mug with text Sugar Tree Inn in the foreground.

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Sugar Tree Inn’s Amenities. It’s Not What You Think.


Welcome to Sugar Tree Inn! You may have heard of us from a previous guests or you may have received a wonderful gift certificate by a loved one. Now you are wondering…what is this place about? What can I expect? Here are just a few things that will help you get an idea of what you will find around here (or in the case of WiFi, what you won’t find around here.)

Shenandoah Valley in fall color

1. Clean mountain air. (Elevation 2800 ft.)

2. Crisp mountain well water. (Yes, it is safe to drink. No chemicals here.)

Sunset over the Shenandoah Valley

3. Amazing sunsets over the Shenandoah Valley.

George Washington National Forest Entry Sign

4. Total immersion in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

5. One mile off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Crabtree Falls, Virginia Trail Sign

6. Less than 30 minutes to over a dozen hiking trails, biking trails, and horseback riding trails.

Rocking chair lined front porch overlooking the Shenandoah Valley

7. A wide front porch lined with rocking chairs.

8. Local flare. (Whenever possible we try to collaborate with other local small businesses and incorporate local products into our business.)

9. Thirty-minute drive to two historic Virginia small-towns: Lexington and Staunton.

Scrabble Board Game with Sugar Tree Inn on board

10. Low-Tech atmosphere. (We don’t have cable, satellite, or WiFi. We do have cell coverage if needed.)

11. Home-cooked meals. (No pretentious food or servings here, just good food and healthy portions.)

12. Clean spacious rooms with comfy beds.

13. Relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Hummingbirds feeding at a feeder with the sun setting over the Shenandoah Valley

14. Bountiful wildlife. (Deer, chipmunks, bear. And oh, the hummingbirds. You have to see it to believe it.)

Starry night sky outside of log house at Sugar Tree Inn

15. Dark, starry nights.

Little Saint Mary's Creek in Vesuvius, Virginia

16. Rushing creek. (No noise machine needed!)

17. In-room wood burning, stone fireplaces.

18. Peace and quiet.

Virginia Route 56 down into Vesuvius

19. Windy mountain roads. (This may be controversial, but it’s part of Sugar Tree Inn and we love it!)

So, there you have it. For those of you that haven’t visited Sugar Tree Inn yet, these are a few things that Sugar Tree can offer you that will only enhance your stay. I know, you might think we are tooting our own horn here, but most of our amenities aren’t about us, as innkeepers; they are about all things innately Sugar Tree Inn and we are grateful to be stewards of this amazing property as long as we can. We love sharing these simple pleasures with every guest that drives down our windy road!

We’re looking forward to your stay!

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