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Sugar Tree Inn’s Frittata Recipe

So, eggs… I love breakfast. Even after four years of running a bed and breakfast, I still love breakfast. So I was excited to write this blog post. I knew it would be perfect to share on national egg day, or breakfast day, or some other perfectly bizarre holiday that I seem to love to celebrate. I missed it. June 3rd, people. June 3rd is National Egg Day – oddly enough, no Frittata Day. So, instead of sitting on this blog post and our recipe for a year, we’re just going to post it. We’re crazy like that.

Eggs in a tray with silver whisk on top of eggs

Now back to eggs. If you’ve visited Sugar Tree Inn before, then you know that eggs are a staple on our breakfast menu. Can you really have a full, country breakfast without eggs? The first year we were here we, and by we, I mean Russ because he is the Inn cook, perfected the made-to-order egg: scrambled, fried over easy, fried medium, a poached every now and then. He got the timing and cooking down to a science.

Frittata close up picture with mushrooms and red bell pepper
As one can imagine, cooking eggs every morning can get a little monotonous so we ventured off into the world of frittatas, basically a crustless quiche. We were looking for a breakfast that kept with our rustic country theme was easily scalable and didn’t require too much prep time because, I’m going to throw another truth out there, Russ is the only one on kitchen duty at the Lodge until much closer to serving time. He preps breakfast for our lovely guests, while I am over at our house wrangling, dressing, brushing, and attempting to feed our two lovely children.

Russ started making frittatas the first year we were here. We found it was a good way to use up leftover salsa or veggies and we always seem to have shredded cheese on hand. Shredded cheese is another staple item. So by the second year, he dove into the science of frittatas cast iron skillet in hand.

After a few more months of practice and perfecting, he had the art of his frittata down and was looking for more. As we entered our busy hiking season, we once again looked for breakfasts that were easily scalable and time efficient and we stumbled across frittata cups or egg cups or whatever you want to call them. I’m not really sure what to call them because one way sounds snooty and another way sounds like ketchup belongs on them. Still working on that mystery.

muffin pan with frittata cups

So, the egg cups have the advantage of being very scalable AND diverse, which is a huge bonus in my book. You make your frittata base, then you add the different toppings, which is perfect when we have large weekends and we are serving a buffet. We make some cups with cheese, some with meat and cheese, and maybe even some with salsa.

Enough rambling. We wanted to share our recipe for frittatas/frittata cups with you. It is a great arsenal to have in your lineup if you have guests or you’re entertaining family. It looks very impressive. But if you know us, you know we’re not fussy people, so it stands to reason that our cooking style would also be non-fussy.

Frittata cups with sausage patties and biscuit on white plate with blueberries in a white bowl off to the side

However, with that assurance, there is one small caveat. Like many recipes, sometimes technique is as important as ingredients. Russ has informed me this is so with frittatas. As a result, the instructions may seem a little anal but this is Russ’s best technique practice for frittatas. When you are cutting into your impressive, custardy egg dish, it will be worth it.

Sugar Tree Inn frittata recipe card

If you’ve stayed with us in the past, please let us know if you’ve had our frittata. Feel free to comment on your thoughts on a frittata, frittatas in general, or how your frittata turned out, if you tried our recipe. I would love to talk to you about it.

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Well, until next time, we are looking forward to your stay!

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