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Bedroom with light wooden floors, walls, and ceiling, light wood furniture, red, green, and white patchwork quilt bedding, and nightstands with lamps

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Accommodations: A View into Our Rooms

So, you’re interested in our accommodations? Great!

Don’t worry, “rustic” isn’t code for dirty, and “low-tech” isn’t code for barebone amenities. And, if you’re interested, at the end of this post, I’ve included a note about a few changes in our amenities and accommodations due to COVID-19.

Spacious log cabin room with an impressive stone fireplace, queen bed and brown rocking chairs.

Let’s start with what we DO have.

Our nine rooms are spread across five buildings, all of which are a few hundred feet from our main lodge. The rooms are named after area points of interest and decorated with quilts, rocking chairs, and real wooden furniture. All of the rooms have king or queen beds, private bathrooms, and private entrances. And of course, all linens, towels, and robes are provided. Additionally, two of our rooms, St. Mary’s Cabin and Sugar Tree Country, have whirlpool tubs with separate shower stalls. If you are looking for a private deck, check out St. Mary’s Cabin and the Creek House. Interested in a kitchen? The Creek House is our only unit with a fully equipped kitchen. However, NEW THIS YEAR (2020), St. Mary’s Cabin now has a mini-fridge and microwave and a propane grill on the deck. All of our Log House rooms have shared porch areas and of course no matter which room you are in, our rocking chair lined Lodge Front Porch with perfect sunset views over the Shenandoah Valley is available for everyone.

A jacuzzi tub full of water next to a bright window with white curtains and a brown tray holding a bottle of wine, glasses and snacks.

Now, let’s move on to one of our other unique features: fireplaces. All of our rooms except two, St. Mary’s Cabin and the Creek House, have stone wood-burning fireplaces. St. Mary’s Cabin has a gas-log stove, and the Creek House has a wood-burning stove. And since we are on the subject of fireplaces, please note that we have a fireplace season which runs from approximately mid to late September through April. The season will vary year to year depending on weather conditions.

Bedroom with green, blue, and cream corduroy bedding, wooden rocking chairs, and light gray stoned fireplace with wooden mantel

Another note about our fireplaces, all of the fireplaces are for aesthetic purposes only. They do not heat the rooms. All of our rooms have a primary heat source of electricity or gas. Alternatively, in the warmer months, we install A/C window units in all the rooms, though there is only a short time of year the units are needed. We are a good ten degrees cooler than the city and don’t get me started about the reduced humidity. Trust us, you should definitely escape to the mountains during the summer.

Wooden table with Scrabble game, white bowl with grapes, green coffee mug, glass bowl with nuts, apple, and birding books

And finally, on to what you will not find in your room. With the exception of the Creek House and St. Mary’s Cabin, none of our rooms have refrigerators, microwaves, or other kitchen features. There are no TVs, DVD/video players, or phones in the rooms and we do not have WiFi. However, please note that unlike many areas on this mountain, we do have 4G service, so cell phones work. Though we do encourage limited or no phone use to get the full benefit of your time away and experience the rejuvenating effect the Blue Ridge Mountains can have on your soul. Don’t know what to do without TV or your phone? Enjoy a game of Uno, birding from our front porch- our hummingbirds are truly a sight- or just enjoy nothing. I promise it’s a thing.

CDC microscopic image of coronavirus

And finally, a quick note about COVID 19. Whether you’ve stayed with us before or you are considering us for the first time, we made a few changes here and there to our accommodations and amenities, so I thought this would be a great place to share those changes. First, we have signage on our front door with the Virginia Department of Health guidelines. It’s not pretty, but it’s there. Moving into the Lodge, I wanted to highlight our communal areas. One, we’ve ensured seating spacing meets social distancing guidelines, and two, shared food areas are no longer allowed, i.e., we can no longer offer shared refrigerator space or ice. Additionally, no more Five & Dime Candy Station right now. I know. Sad.

Long narrow dining stone and glass walled area with navy tablecloth topped tables spaced six fee apart and ferns growing on outside bank

Moving on into our dining area. The biggest change by far is apparent in our dining room. Tables are spaced according to state guidelines and are preset. Also, our coffee is no longer self serve. Once the meal is complete, tables are completely stripped and the dining area closed off for cleaning.

Alright, so I’m not great at math, but as you can tell from looking at the picture above, we can only accommodate approximately five couples in our dining room. So, if all of our rooms are booked, not everybody will fit in said dining room. Solution: At this time, June 2020, our dining room tables are reserved for St. Mary’s Cabin guests, Lodge guests, and Creek House guests, should they opt-in for breakfast. But what about Log House guests? When the Log House reopens, those guests will receive the same breakfast, only in To-Go form, either pick-up or delivery.

Queen size bed with green quilt in cottage bedroom with simple furniture

Now, onto our rooms, you will notice a decrease in accent fabric, meaning pillow shams, decorative pillows, and even bed shirts have been removed. Housekeeping during your stay is no longer provided. However, please ask for anything extra you might need. I will definitely be asking you. Additionally, any trash you may have in your room, you can simply bag up and place outside your door and I’ll be happy to take care of it while you’re out. And finally, since we are talking about housekeeping and cleaning, please be assured that we are maintaining at least a 24-hour window between guests in a room. What does that mean exactly? It means, for example, that if someone checks out of a room Sunday morning, then the earliest someone new can check-in would be Monday afternoon.

Stay safe, stay small, stay inn Logo in blue and light khaki with house silhouette

Alright, so I think that about covers what we have, what we don’t have, and what we’ve slightly changed. We hope you will come stay with us whenever you are ready. Our little piece of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, and the surrounding Shenandoah Valley are a welcome respite from your chaotic life. Since we’ve reopened, we’ve witnessed the stress and tension of our guests simply melt-away during their stay. Now, more than ever, it’s so important to take time away. We are fortunate to be able to provide this escape and hope you will take advantage of it.

Until then, we’re looking forward to your stay!

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