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About The Lodge – Seuss Style


Way back in the day before tech reigned supreme
A man built a lodge with a wink and a dream.
He built it high in the sky on the side of a hill
Down a windy mountain road meant to give you a thrill.

The Man loved Virginia and wanted to share
The scenery, the culture, the clean mountain air.
No sirens blaring. No neighbors shouting.
Just dark silent nights and wildlife milling abouting.

And as the years passed the Little Lodge grew.
It sprouted more beds as these businesses do.
It catered to foodies, romancers, and hikers,
Families, and couples, and motorcycle bikers.

Business was booming and travelers reveling
In the mountain hospitality, the Little Lodge was leveling.
Though the Lodge was quite tired and growing frayed at the edges.
It was also quite pleased to pull travelers from their dredges.

But over the years the poor Lodge got stretched thin
Trying so hard to please each travelers’ whim.
A little crumbling here. A leak over there.
Cracks growing as long as Rapunzel’s hair.

Then along came a young couple with vigor and vim.
A couple who saw what this place had been.
So they researched the business and paid the bank money.
Loaded kids and pets up for a dream some thought funny.

In the cold winter months, the zealous pair learned their trade.
Rising early, cooking eggs and taking care how each bed was made.
They cleaned and they scrubbed and they cleared the debris
And began to see the way the Little Lodge used to be.

The couple kept working hard but worried each day.
What can we do? Will we be able to stay?
So they sought the advice from McBeans of the world.
“Pay for this. Do more of that.” They said with lip curled.

But the oils washed off and the money blew away.
And still nobody could tell them how business got this way.

They watched as the Lodge struggled to keep pace
With a world full of tech and little face-to-face.
Where did the Little Lodge fit into a world
Where hashtagging was art and people forgot the look of their hand unfurled.

So finally the couple said, “Enough is enough.
The Lodge was never meant for such high-tech stuff.
No more WiFi. No Satellite. No HDTV.
We all need a place where we can simply be tech-free.”

No more bickering about buffering. No more whining for WiFi.
“We’re done.” The couple said with a smile and a sigh.
Let the Lodge once again be a welcome retreat
Where travelers can laugh and meet.

Travelers who value comfy rooms and conversation starters,
Good food, clean air and unbottled waters.
The Lodge can be that for you, the couple agrees.
And in the summer we’re even cooler by a few degrees.

The Little Lodge still serves breakfast every morning of your stay.
Eggs-to-order. Sausage. Biscuits. More. Before you’re sent on your way.
Enjoy your breakfast to the voices of Johnnie and June,
Or bluegrass or old J. T. Hooker tunes.

And travelers, though fewer, seem pleased with the change.
Though some will always find it a bit too strange.
But the Lodge is quite happy now, we must confess
Now that it no longer provides mountain hospitality under duress.

Without the digital distractions, we can all truly rest.
Sip some wine. Play some cards. Or watch hummingbirds on their nests.
Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains are best experienced tech-free,
As the Man and the Little Lodge always thought it should be.


Copyright 2018.  Kelly Fox.  All rights reserved.

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